From: Ken and Kathy
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:41:35 -0700
Subject: Dan at Rancho Nicasio 10/17

We had a lovely late afternoon drive from Fremont, up steep and twisty Lucas Valley Road, to the tiny hamlet of Nicasio, in Marin County.

We arrived about twenty minutes before seating in the Rancho showroom was to begin, so we relaxed at the cozy bar, admiring their fine taxidermy collection and watching the evening shadows lengthen.  We could hear Dan and the Warriors doing their soundcheck in the showroom, and got a chance to say howdy to Paul Robinson as he passed by.

Seating for dinner and the show began right on time.  Inspired by the taxidermy, we ordered steaks.  Dan and crew, featuring some new faces, took the stage at about 7:30.

The Lineup:
Dan, rhythm guitar and percussion
Paul Robinson, lead guitar
Yehudit, violin
Nils Molin, bass
Bob Scott, drums
Susan Rabin and Sheila Glover, Groovettes

Everybody seemed in good spirits.  Dan made a comment about how we would all notice that the group was "not over-rehearsed", like a lot of bands are.  He also made a comment about "the darker side of happiness".

The Tunes:
*Honeysuckle Rose
*Canned Music
*Up! Up! Up!
*Payday Blues (which we haven’t heard Dan do for quite some time)
*Somebody Tell Me the Truth (one of Ken’s favorites)
*Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy (to be on new CD!)
*Topsy/Swing 42, instrumental medley ("So we can rest up from all that singing")
*He Don’t Care (the "stoned" song), with a nice new bossa nova arrangement featuring the Groovettes
*Long Comma Viper

At one point, Dan talked about a "celebrity" in the audience – something about how he couldn’t say who it was, but his initials were "B.D.", and he had a song about "Blowin’ In The Wind".

*Wild About My Loving
*Strike It While It’s Hot
*I Scare Myself - Which was the big dance number of the evening.  Perhaps a dozen couples took to the parquet floor, and - beneath the glow of the wagon-wheel chandelier - displayed their best hypno-oriental moves.  Even Dan did some pretty fancy HooDoo-style hand movements and poses from the stage.
*The Cello Song
*Capo On My Brain - which, for some strange reason, brought quite a few slow-dancing couples onto the floor.  It was a little bizarre, but a lot of fun, even though Kathy lost a shoe from Ken’s less-than-graceful twirling of her.  After the song, Dan remarked that he wouldn’t have guessed that "Capo" would ever be a dance number.  Us, neither.
*Four or Five Times
*The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Near the end of the show, Dan advised the crowd:  "This is a very remote place, and all the roads are infested with banditos, so drive real fast and get the fuck out of here.".

*Humming To Myself
*That Old Black Magic

We drove the speed limit back down the hill.  One deer, no banditos.  Guess we were just lucky.

Ken and Kathy