From: Mark Garland
Subject: Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors
Saturday September 18, 1999
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 08:03:18 -0700 (PDT)

Dan was in good voice ( voices ) and seemed to enjoy the enthusiastic crowd.  The band was Hott and stretched out on a couple of cool solos, particularly on "I Scare Myself".  Mr Hicks plugged the new record and label.  The Rams Head / Fordham Brew-pub is a great venue, they give you a break on the bill when you get a diner/concert package.

Dan Hicks & the Acoustic Warriors
Purveyors of "Folk Classics"
Rams Head Tavern, Annapolis, Maryland
Saturday September 18, 1999 8:30 PM

Richard Saunders: Bass, Backing Vocals

"Two Handed" Tom Mitchell: Lead Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Vocal, Backing Vocals

Dan Hicks: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Banter, and Percussion

Sound Check (5:00 PM)
1) Elvis Presley is a Friend of Mine (Improv?)

First Set
1) Canned Music
2) Hell I'd go
3) Strike it while its Hot
4) Capo on My Brain
5) Long Come a Viper
6) Driftin'
7) He Don't Care (He's Stoned)
8) I Scare Myself
9) I Get the Neck of Chicken, Comp. Bob Perot
10) My Cello
11) Jazz Medley: Including Caravan, Four Brothers


Second Set
1) Cowboys Dream #19
2) I Got Mine, Comp. Pink Anderson via Guy Clark
3) Payday Blues, (Tom on Mandolin)
4) Slow Boat to China, (Tom on Lead Vocal)
5) Evening Breeze
6) It's Not My Time to Go
7) The Buzzard Was Their Friend
8) I Don't Want Love
9) I Missed The Toilet Last Night
10) How Can I Miss You?
11) Jazz Outro: Walk Off Music

1) Give Me the Simple Life, Comp. Mose Allison (?)
2) Jazz Outro: Walk Off Music