Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008
From: Wendy Lapides
Subject: [hix] Show Report
To: hixlist

Show Report from the Rhythm & Roots Festival in Charlestown,
Rhode Island; August 30, 2008

We’ve had a string of beautiful weather in Rhode Island these last
couple of weeks, but wouldn’t you know, luck wasn’t with us
yesterday, Day 2 of the Rhythm & Roots Festival. When we weren’t
dodging a downpour, we were sitting in our chairs, a fine mist kissing
our faces, dampening our clothes, and giving the thinning hair of
aging hipsters dimension they haven’t seen for a long time.

At 5:00, right on schedule, DH & the HLs came onto the stage. We were
sitting too far back to take note of any details about the band’s
attire, dance moves or facial expressions, but Dan was amiable and
seemed happy to be there. He opened with a medley of gypsy jazz and
when he went into the second number, ‘Long Come a Viper, I heard the
guy in back of me say, “Oh, he sings too!”. Yes he does. Viper was
followed by The Piano Has Been Drinking, Blues My Naughty Sweetie
Gives to Me, Song for my Father, 13D, I Scare Myself (almost a parody
of the song which was unfortunate for those who have never heard it
before), I’m an Old Cowhand, and I Feel Like Singin’. The crowd of
3500 was enthusiastic and the band came out for an encore of The
Buzzard was Their Friend. My daughter and I went to the merchandise
tent afterward, where a group of people was waiting to buy Dan’s CDs
(he told the crowd he’d brought about 10 with him), but half an hour
later, still no sign of either Dan or his music.

I had never before seen Dan in a festival setting, only clubs, but it
turned out to be a great venue for him. I found I was more relaxed
not worrying whether an audience member might talk during the
performance, yell out a request, or carry on so as to make Dan
annoyed. The environment seemed to allow all parties to achieve what
they came for and I think after yesterday, we may even see some new
faces on the Hix List.