COMBINED REPORTS - The Roxy, West Hollywood CA, August 18 2001
From: Steve Ramirez
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 20:11:22 -0700
Subject: [hix] 2 nights, 2 shows, 1 awesome road trip

Hi all,
After this weekend you are not going to hear me bitch about CD's or lack of shows in AZ (at least for awhile). I have definitely gotten my fill. We made the trek from Phoenix to San Juan Capistrano via San Diego (thanks for the tip, Laura) on Friday, hooked up with Buffalo Al and Queenie for the Coach House show and hooked up with Kathy and Ken and Bill Ward at the Roxy on Saturday. Both shows were fantastic, at some later date I may make an attempt to actually make a show report, but for now I just have a few observations I'd like to share:

- Annabelle is the real deal on violin, Dan has worked her into several songs besides the ones on the A & L album. While she and Brian aren't exactly trading licks yet ( a la Sid and Naomi), they do sound great together as "twin violins".
- The Purple Heart goes to Susan Rabin for getting out there and dancing around on a BROKEN FOOT!! She has to walk with a cane and be helped on/off the stage, but during the show she is hoppin boppin and dancin on some new high energy dance numbers with that boot on her foot. Also got to hear her play ukelele for the first time. Bless your heart, Susan
- Kathy wasn't BS-ing about who was in the house Saturday, well at least not about Jack .
- Dan has added some new lyrics to "Canned Music" to reflect on our modern times, which had me in stitches. I wont spoil the surprise, but if you see him in the near future, be sure to listen for it :)
- Don't EVER stay at the Grafton Hotel on Sunset Blvd.
- Bonus teaser songs (about 2 or 3 lines from each) by Dan ( a la carte), in response to audience requests: $100,000, Is this my Happy Home?, Shorty Falls in Love. No he didn't do the toothbrush song.

that's all for now.


From: Kathy & Ken
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 16:29:04 -0700
Subject: [hix] DH&THL at the Roxy, 8/18/01

It had been a very hot day in Los Angeles, but by the time we got in line for Dan's show at the Roxy in West Hollywood, evening shadows were lengthening along Sunset Boulevard, and refreshingly cool breezes had begun to stir.

We were soon joined in line by LA Hixter Bill Ward and friend Jenny. We also met Hixter Bob Richards, who looked natty in his white "Beatin' The Heat" T-shirt.

We also met a couple of passers-by who evidently live on Sunset…a young man with a head full of pharmaceuticals, a scary look in his eyes, and a gnomelike girlfriend he introduced to us as "Janis Joplin". After giving us five edgy minutes of rambling opinions about life and eternity, he and Janis strolled away down the street. Unbelievably, the guy would just step into traffic, and casually stroll across the extremely busy street, causing dozens of drivers to brake and honk. As Kathy observed, that was probably his Walking-On-Water demonstration. It was surely Darwinian behavior. He and Janis eventually disappeared into the distance.

While this odd encounter was going on, a good-sized line of Hicks fans was gathering outside the Roxy. Dan does draw the ladies to his shows, no doubt about that. One female fan standing near us had never seen Dan perform live before. She was excited about the show, and really wanted Dan to do "Where's The Money?" (she wasn't disappointed).

The Roxy doors opened and, along with Bill and Jenny, we snagged a table for four down front.

Opening for Dan and the Licks was "Betty Dylan", a thirty-something husband and wife acoustic duo. They've been getting some airplay of their current tune "American Trash". They were likable, but played about three songs too many.

During Betty Dylan's set, Jenny pointed out a young man sitting in back of us, nodding off in his chair. Then we noticed the microphone clipped to the neck of his T-shirt, with the cord leading down to a satchel on the floor. (Right after Dan came out, he made sure to mention that they were playing at the Roxy, in Hollywood "…for the benefit of any bootleg tapers".)

Arriving late to the show was Arizona Hixter Steve Ramirez, who had driven from Mesa to catch Dan's show the previous night at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano (for a genuine traveler's horror story, ask Steve about his stay at Hollywood's Grafton Hotel).

Dan's old pal Jack Nicholson (the second-coolest guy in LA that night) was also in attendance. He sat in the back of the room, wearing his trademark shades, and seemed to enjoy the show a great deal.

Compared to last year's "Beatin' The Heat" CD release show at the Roxy, Dan and the band seemed more relaxed and comfortable. The sound system was much better this time around. The table service was better, too.

Dan looked very sharp in crisp white slacks, and a short-sleeved black shirt, which sported a colorful pattern of musical instruments and hibiscus blossoms.

We didn't keep track of the set list, but there were no left field (oh, like "Cloud My Sunny Mood") surprises. "Waitin'" had Dan "waitin' on Chandra". It was good to hear guitarist Tom Mitchell with Dan again; it's been awhile. John Clark, Dan's Western Region bassman, put in a fine set. Brian Godchaux was smokin' on mando and violin, and he and Lickette Annabelle Cruz got off some nice fiddle duets. We found out after the show that Lickette Susan Rabin played hurt with a broken foot, but it was hard to tell from watching her performance. She's a trouper.

The usual shouted requests from the audience were ignored, of course, but Dan thanked them for their "input". We'd be more specific about the set list, and individual songs, but frankly we just kicked back and enjoyed ourselves, basking in the evanescent glow of Hicksdom. Energy was up on both sides of the stage, and everyone had a fine time. Dan was in great form, and in a good mood.

After the show, we spoke briefly with Susan and Tom, and let them know how much we enjoyed the show. Then we went out into the LA night, cruising down the Strip with Jenny and Hixter Bill, who kindly brought us back to our West Hollywood digs in his totally boss roadster. Our thanks to Bill for his kind hospitality.

We could get used to the annual DH Roxy Trek . It gives us an excuse to go to LA, (our nation's capitol), and partake of its unique ambiance and energy. 2002, anyone? Also, a Travel Suggestion: When in LA, pay a visit to the Autry Museum of Western Heritage in Griffith Park. The incredible guitars of Gene Autry and other western greats, among many great exhibits, are well worth a look.