From: Janet
Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 01:23:10 0700
Subject: [hix] Santa Cruz Show Review

Well well well...

It's been a long time since I had the pleasure, but I'll tell you all, it's been waayyy too long.

This show rocked with harmonies right on target, lip-smakin' & smilin' lickettes in cheesy evening dress (I simply Must get a boa!!!), astounding musicians and burning solos, upbeat tempo - funny and energizing. I wish all you hixettes and hixkateers could have been there.

BTW, the Lickettes comprise a dandy percussion section in addition to all the other aforementioned attributes they brought top the show, much more than pretty faces... They must have used about 2 dozen instruments expertly!  Well done!

Thanks for doing up some of the oldies we fans love so much and the new stuff, talk about smooth and purdy... I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with it. Love your sexy voice Dan and that shirt.... well, don't change a thang.

Gushingly yours,
Cupertino Janet