From: Dr. Television
Date sent: Thur, 16 Jan 2003
Subject: Jan 14 Show at Scullers in Boston

Greetings, all

Well, I did attend the show at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston on Tuesday
night. I had written a show report yesterday, but between my ancient PC
and and my home dial-up connection (no lectures, please), the message
would not send. So hear goes again...

The 8 pm show was sold out, or close to it. Scullers is a small to medium
size jazz club, probably seats about 150 people, and I didn't see many
empty seats at the 8 pm show. A few of us who lingered after the bulk of
the early show crowd had departed wondered if we'd be allowed to stay for
the 10 pm show. We needn't have worried. In all, there were only about 30
of us at the 10 pm show.


8 pm Show

Canned Music
'Long Come a Viper
Cowboy's Dream No.19
Bar Stool BoogieReelin' Down
Chatanooga Shoeshine Boy
That's Just the Smoke They're Blowin'
I Scare Myself
Exactly Like You
I'll See You in My Dreams
I've Got a Capo on My Brain
I Feel Like Singin'
Blue for Dixie
The Buzzard Was Their Friend

10 pm Show

Milk Shakin' Mama
Evenin' Breeze
Shootin' Straight
How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
That's Just the Smoke They're Blowin'
I Scare Myself
Blues for Dixie
Honeysuckle Rose
Payday Blues
Exactly Like You
The Buzzard Was Their Friend

Brian Godchaux - Violin, Mandolin
Paul Smith - Bass
Dave Bell - Guitar
Susan Rabin & Robin Siler(sp?) - Lickettes
Dan Hicks

I was a little surprised to hear them do "Cowboy's Dream." I've been to a
lot of shows and I don't recall hearing that one live before, but I could
be wrong.

Dan was in fine form banter-wise. He introduced Dave Bell as being from
the family that not only invented the telephone, "but also started the
Taco Bell." He also proceeded to introduce the band members by a variety
of names, like Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Meryl Streep, etc.

Dan talked about how he had "quietly" released a number of albums over the
years, which he said could be found in record store bins, "right behind
John Hiatt."

At one point in the second show, Dan was going on with mock sincerety
about how he and the band were "really having a lot of fun tonight." He
went on to point out that having fun is not a requirement for the band,
because they were, after all, just doing their job. He then asked the
audience, rhetorically, "How many of you enjoy your jobs?" When a few
nerds actually raised their hands, Dan deadpanned, "What a drag."

Mostly, the audience seemed to be aware that Dan frowns upon people
shouting things out. A couple of people did do it, and were quietly, but
firmly, put in their places. One person did yell a question about the
release of the DVD. Dan, not pleased, did say that "it should be out in
February or March...or maybe April...or it could be May. But if it's not
out by June..." I'm guessing he doesn't know and wouldn't tell if he did.

I was happy to see that my future wife, the buxom blonde beauty Robin was
one of the Lickettes Tuesday night. I admired her when I saw her a year
ago at the Newburyport, MA show. On Tuesday, she wore a blue tank-top and
a skirt, and sported a long purple scarf. Don't ask me what anyone else
was wearing.

Anyway, a good time was had by all, I think.

Dr. Television