COMBINED REPORTS - Sculler's, Boston MA, April 5 2000

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 21:48:21 -0400
From: Glenn Kennedy
Subject: Show Report !

Hello fellow Hixters !

I made it to see Dan last night in Boston. It's been about 5 l-o-n-g years since I last saw him "live" so I was peeing my pants with excitement.

I also met fellow Hix-Lister Dave Kantor. Nice to meet you Dave...

Anyway.....the venue was Scullers Jazz Club, an intimate space with tables and chairs (200?) with food and bar service gang of 3 along with Dave, shared a front row table. We attended the 8P show.

Dan entered the room quietly and briefly posted himself at the entrance to the room, it appeared he was collecting tickets but no one seemed to notice...I approached him as he quietly made his way to the stage and snapped a few photos for my collection..(with Dan's permission of course) he was such a ham.

Then came the announcement over the PA..."Welcome Dan Hicks and The Acoustic Warriors !!"  Tom Mitchell was the only Warrior...  They went right into "Canned Music"...

Dan then went into a 'blurb" on how they were really a Jazz band....this is my jazz guitar, this is a jazz mandolin, I have my jazz pants on etc....

The play list goes like this....

"Hell I'de Go"
"Capo on My Brain" (lots of fun with this one)
"I Scare Myself" (this song he wrote during the Height Ashbury days...he was in love with a woman or was it a hashish brownie?)
"I got Mine"
"Cello" (from the new CD, this one will be a hit) !!!
---And now a change in the program ladies and gentlemen---
"Payday Blues"
"Strike it While It's Hot" Tom and Dan were particularly hot on this one, some tight pickin !  (afterwards he said this was the song John Meloncamp wished he had written)

A mention of the 5 day east coast tour they are on....  next a medley with Tom included: "Caravan" and "Four Brothers" ... sounded like the Hot Club of San Francisco, slick !

Some rambling on Frank Sinatra...and how Frank can go &#$@ himself....everyone can go &%$@ themselves !!!! (the crowd loved it)

"Peach Pickin Time in Georgia" a Jimmy Rogers tune...but it sounds like a Dan original, very nice !!!

"Shorty Falls in Love" Tom and Dan were wicked tight on this one !!!!

and now the encore ladies and gentlemen....

"Shooting Straight"

That concluded the 8PM show....they did not come back for a 'true' encore...

The waitress announced that we were all welcome to stay for the 10PM show...but unfortunately we had to catch the "last train from Hicksville" to get back to the burbs....bummer, but I hummed all the way....

I must say that Dan sounded the BEST I've ever heard him 'live' before...he was sharp, witty, and the guitar work was terrific, his voice was as mello as a cello.

The new CD was mentioned several times. "Beating the Heat" will be released sometime in July.  I compare this release to sorta what Santana did this past year...full of guests and lots of recognition. This one will make the charts ! (again)

Dave got to stay for the second show, he promised he'd update the list...I gave him a pen to take notes.....we wait........

Thanks Dan !

Glenn in Ipswich

From: David Kantor
Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 9:17 AM
Subject: [hix] Boston 4/5/2000 2nd Set / Original Recordings ?

Howdy Folks,

Sorry for the delay in posting this set list. Thanks so much to Glenn Kennedy for providing a pen to record the info. Dan commented that they were so excited about the 2nd set, they were peeing in their pants. He also said that the part about frying bacon in "Buzzard Was Their Friend" should be sung "fry that f--kin' bacon...". The set started off with four of my absolute favorite Dan tunes, which was a real treat. 

I'd like to get a copy of Original Recordings on CD, which is now out of print. Can anybody point me to where I might find a copy ?

All de best,

Dan Hicks @ Sculler's, Boston, MA 4/5/2000 Second Set

1. Long Comma Viper
2. Cowboy Dream #19
3. Buzzard Was Their Friend
4. Crazy 'Cause He Is
5. Instrumental Medley - Topsy/Swing 42
6. He Don't Care
7. Who Are You, Where Are You Goin', What is Your Sign, Are you Alone ?
8. Slow Boat to China (Tom Mitchell on vocals)
9. $100,000
10. Evening Breeze
11. Hummin' To Myself
12. How Can I Miss You