COMBINED REPORTS - Century Ballroom, Seattle WA, September 26 2000

From: Steve Perrigo
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 00:23:08 0700
Subject: [hix] Set List - Seattle Sept 26th

Here's the set list for Dan's performance at the Century Ballroom in Seattle. Great show!

Canned Music
Caravan/4 Brothers
Wild About My Lovin'
Hell, I'd Go
Payday Blues
Chattanooga Shoe-shine Boy
_?_ Love (sorry - didn't catch this one)
I Scare Myself
How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
The Piano Has Been Drinking Not Me
My Cello
teased audience with "My Old Time Baby"
The Buzzard Was Their Friend
encore - moves to snare
I Don't Want Love
End of a Love Affair

Steve Perrigo

Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 17:58:59 EDT
Subject: [hix] Seattle review

Thanks to Steve P for providing the set list. I didnt keep one. I would love to be able to provide the name of the song than Steve couldn't but the moment it was over the title left my head. It was a song Id never heard before, very slow. I repeated the title in my head a couple of times during the song to make sure Id remember it and then seconds later it was gone. It was something along the lines of Love - Nothing You Can Do. Im sure I butchered the title but there you have it.

I did go along to Borders Books for the lunchtime performance. Jeremy Kay was in the middle of his set when I arrived. He was excellent, not to mention cute. His bassist - hubba hubba. Oh wait, this isnt the perving at 20-something boys list, is it.

12:30pm, no Dan, Jeremy continues his performance, stopping after each song to say, Dan? Dan? About 12:45 Dan and company arrive; Dan in a particularly foul mood. Seems theyd been at the airports National Car Rental desk for an hour waiting for a car. Needless to say Dan had a few choice words about that. The band immediately started setting up. A couple of guys asked Dan if he would pose with them; he commented on how he was getting set up; but after a few acerbic words he sat still long enough for the requestors to pose about two feet away from him and have a third person take the photo. I wouldnt have had the guts. Then another poor uninformed woman went up to him holding out a copy of the CD (Beat-Beat-Beatin the Heat) and said, I have to leave, can you sign my CD? He snapped at her and sent her on her way. I had CDs ready to be signed but I knew better than to ask. So at 1:00pm Dan and company started. Th!ey performed five songs: Canned Music, Chattanooga Shoeshine Boy, I Scare Myself, My Cello, and Wheres the Money. The moment they were done he stood up and beat feet out of there. No autographs today Ladies and Gentlemen.

Fast forward to evening at the Century Ballroom. First time Ive been there. Nice venue. I didnt realize that they served dinner otherwise my sis and I would have made reservations; you have to book at the time you buy your tickets. There are about 20 tables at the front which are reserved for the diners, then three rows of folding chairs. The perimeter of the room is slightly raised and there was a row of chairs and some more tables. Although some of the sideline seating was closer I insisted on sitting further back in the middle after having a bad audio experience in the past. Overall seating was about 200 and it was just about a full house. Aside from the two or three people there specifically to see Jeremy Kay the audience was predominantly over 40 with many gray-haired pony tails in view. JK was well received, the audience responded warmly and I was given another opportunity to ogle the bassist.

Dan was a new man Ladies and Gentlemen. He was funny, responsive, and more physically active than I had seen him in shows with the AW when I lived in SF. The band was tight. The Lickettes sounded great and both did solos on How Can I Miss You...; Based on previous reviews life on the road may be taking its physical toll but musically the group is getting better and better.

Oh look, now it's 3:00pm. Maybe I should get back to work.