From: "horace"
Subject: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA 6-28-07

The weather was warm as was the crowd at the historic Sellersville
Theater in beautiful Sellersville, Pa. on the night of June 28th.

Prior to the show Dan and his players were seen dining at The Washington
House Restaurant which is but a few yards from the theater. As I
observed their assault on the kitchen staff I was certain the dinner was included
in their contract. The food is exceptional at The Washington House.

As the band began their set with "This Land is Our Land", Mr. Hicks
announced that "If you didn't like the song you should ask for your
money back". No one departed the room which seated about 250. The theater was
about 2/3 full. Nice crowd.

The Lickettes did a fantastic job of putting into historic prospective
the significance of the "Folk Years" much to the astonishment of the
audience.They were so good at what they did that some of the gathering (as well as
Mr.Hicks) asked if they had been reading the information. The interplay of
Dan and the Lickettes bordered on hilarious. Good stuff!

This reviewer enjoyed the ["Salute to the Folk Years" format] show..change can be good.

Players were: David Bell, guitar; Paul Smith, string bass; Jimmy Brown,
mandolin-violin; Daria & Roberta back-up vocals and various small
instruments including kazoo.

The entire set list follows:

Don't Think Twice.Bob Dylan

Ring Tailed Tom.Rooftop Singers

Medley: Walk Right In..Rooftop Singers

: Scotch and Soda...Kingston Trio

Little Jimmy Brown..The Brown's

How Can I Miss request

Where's the request

Cod'ine..Buffy Sainte-Marie

Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie.lyrics by Elizabeth Cotton

I Scare request

If I Had a and lyrics by L. Hays & P Seeger

The Buzzard Was My request

Greenback Dollars..Bob Dylan

Encore:... Payday Blues

:...Jug Band Blues

:...I Feel Like Singin'

It was a nice show..I look forward to hearing this effort on disc.

Horace Crider...Galloway, NJ..just outside Atlantic City