Shootin' Straight

"Shootin' Straight" captures a live performance of Dan and The Acoustic Warriors at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California. Released in 1994 by Private Music, this wonderful CD is now out of print, but it can still occasionally be found on eBay and through used-music dealers.

Although there was a flurry of promotion upon the album's release, with a CNN appearance by Dan, and a tour with full band, it seems that Private Music chose to promote their other artists, like Dan's labelmate Yanni, instead.

The band is spot-on and tight. The late Jim Boggio's accordion adds a musette feel to many of the tunes, and Hot Club of San Francisco alumnus Paul Robinson plays tasty Django-flavored licks.

"Up! Up! Up!" was briefly featured in the 1990 Gene Hackman film "Class Action" (Dan and a hybrid group of Hot Licks and Acoustic Warriors portray a bar band, and are featured near the beginning of the film).

"Hell, I'd Go" has recently been reprised on 2000's 'Beatin' The Heat". Several of the tunes are in Dan's current repertoire, but the bitter folk noir of "Level With Me Laurie", and the resigned longing of "A Magician", are also preserved here, just in case they never again make it to the set list.

Dan Hicks Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Paul Robinson –
Lead Guitar
Jim Boggio –
Jazz Accordion & Piano
Alex Baum –
String Bass
Stevie Blacke –
Lead Mandolin & Fiddle
Bob Scott –
Drums ("after-the-fact 'sweetening'")

The Tunes
Up! Up! Up!
Shootin' Straight
Hell, I'd go!
Bottoms Up!
Texas Kinda Attitude
Savin' My Lovin'
Barstool Boogie
A Magician
Who Are You?
Level With Me Laurie
The Rounder