Subject: [hix] Silverton Jubilee
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2000 18:31:59 -0700
From: Steve Ramirez
To: <>

The whole weekend was too awesome for words. Where else can you get up close and personal with Tish Hinojosa, Patty Larkin, and then to top it off with Dan and Co., in a spectacular mountain setting at 9300 ft.? I have to hand it to Dan, he held that long note during "Peach Pickin Time" despite the altitude.The show was vintage Dan ( 2 encores!!), lots of great stage patter ... "Ok, since criticism is apparently part of this gig, I'm opening up the floor for criticism.." [2 second later] "The floor is now closed.." I dont have a set list, although if I did, it would be pretty similar to the one K & K reported from Rancho N, give or take a Bob Wills tune or two. Dan was in great spirits, he mentioned several future endevours in support of his new album, (I'll stay mum, since they're not official yet, but when they are, oh baby! ), apparently Surfdog has hired a real go-getter from New York for PR duties, and he's earning his keep :) I also ran into Paul R. before the show, he said his new album should be out next week and that Jill Carole (his wife) is busy on her 2nd album. Times are good in Hicksville and I'm glad to be along for the ride!