From: Milton Sue
Subject: San Juan Capistrano show 8-17-01

After a day of driving the So. California freeways all day I was sure ready to have a good time with Dan and the band. Having been a fan way back when but not old enough to drive and get to a show I had never seen the ďoriginalĒ group so I was excited about seeing them play some of the old songs as well as the new ones. I did catch Dan opening for the Pointer Sisters shortly after the breakup in the Ď70s. I would have not known Dan was still kickiní it but I happened upon a radio broadcast of the band on a radio station in San Diego. I thought they sounded great!! So when I saw they were coming back to town I called up my friend Mark who didnít know they were back together either. We hadnít seen each other for quite a while so a reunion show was quite appropriate.

The Coachhouse in San Juan Capistrano is a funky, laid-back kind of place with the worst chairs in the world! Just the place to see Dan! The place was pretty full and everyone seemed ready to jam! Dan came on quietly as soon as the opening group was clear and after a minute adjusting his signature Guild he gave the soundman the high sign and the show was on. They started with Canned Music and proceeded to blow us all away, Dan still has it! The show was great, I knew it would be. I wasnít sure about if Iíd buy the new CD but Danís persistent salesmanship won me over, and the songs didnít hurt. By the way, I love it. Itís really fun(ny)! Thanks, Dan and the Lickettes for the autographs after the show. Susan is a real trooper, I found out after the show she had a broken toe, ouch! But you couldnít tell with her smiling the whole time. (Hope sheís doing better.) They band sounded great!!

Hope to catch you again! Soon! Milton Sue, Oceanside