From: Marianne
Subject: South Boston

You can just imagine my surprise when I recieved a fax at work promoting 'First Summer' at Carson Beach in So. Boston.

First of all I wasn't sure if Dan was still kickin' and second South Boston? I am sure I was one of the only people there that had even heard of Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks.

Regardless, Dan was fabulous and his band was soooo tight. My love for Dan and his band spans nearly 3 decades (ugh). Way back when in a small New England town myself and a group of friends were true devotees. One of those gals now sings with a band doing very eclectic numbers. One of my favs is Reelin. I kept yelling from my spot on the beach for Dan to sing that tune but he must not have heard me!! Anyway, I waited after the show and one of the Lickettes was nice enough to escort me to the area Dan would emerge. He graciously signed my CD that I bought for a friend and a paint chip (I was in the midst of decorating) for me!!.

I am looking so forward to seeing the band again and am thankful that Dan is still as good as ever!!

Big fan in Boston