From: jonr925
Date sent: Mon, 11 Apr 2005
Subject: Saw Dan Hicks in Reno

First off, I am a big Dan Hicks fan. For about 30 years now. I even
like his latest stuff better!

I've seen him 4 times before this last time, all with the Acoustic
Warriors. All 4 times he and his band were great, could not be

But on April 8th I saw him in Reno and the Nugget. The whole
experience was not that good. Here are my observations.

The sound was not that great in the room. Dan hicks sings some fast
songs and without good sound you can not make them all out. All his
words are great, and I could not hear them that well.

He had with him what he calls the "Hot Licks". These were 2 women
that were nothing like the original Hot Licks, and they really
distracted from the show. He should get rid of them. Is he giving
into pressure of the fame he had when he had the original Hot Licks?

The violin player was good, but not great. The mandolin and violin
player in the Acoustic Warriors and the original Hot Licks were the
best. But the one he had in Reno was just "good".

Same with the guitar player. The 4 times I saw the Acoustic Warrios
the guitar player was amazing! But in Reno the guitar player was
just "good".

Both the violin and guitar player were not microphoned well.

So in short, I would suggest Dan Hicks drop the girls, get better
players to accompany him, and insist on a smaller venue with better