"An Evening of Swing Noir"
142 Throckmorton Theatre : Mill Valley, CA : June 4 2005
Pix by Kennon Baird

The 142 Throckmorton Theatre is a very comfy venue.


The show posters, by Dan, were in almost every shop window in downtown Mill Valley.


Extravaganza? Hell, every Dan-show is an extravaganza!


Various jazz & swing-related images were projected onto the stage backdrop.


h Lickette percussion instruments -- at the ready.


eThe set list.


eDan tunes up, using his new dice tuning heads. "They work real good", he said.





heSusan Rabin, Dan, and Paul "Corky Rodrigues" Smith.



Lickettes Roberta Donnay, Linda Groves and Susan Rabin.




heGuest jazz vocalist Kitty Margolis joins in, accompanied by Dan on snare drum. Very enjoyable.




heRichard Chon enters another dimension during "I Scare Myself".



heFancy footwork!




heDan + brush + tambourine = dangerous rhythm.
There's Dave Bell back there on guitar. He rocks, and how!



heGettin' down.


Gettin' back up again.


heThanks, Dan & all, for a superb show!