From: Barb
Date sent: Dec. 21 2005
Subject: Dan at the Triple Door, Seattle WA, Dec. 20

Hi everyone,

Frequent non-contributor here. I caught the early show of Holidaze
in Hicksville last night at the Triple Door in Seattle. What a
marvelous, well-designed venue. It's a dinner/entertainment venue,
and all seats face the stage. Great acoustics, and a stage large
enough to accommodate a big band.

Dan was in great form, commenting that the band had to adjust to such
a large stage; they were used to performing in his living room. His
accessories included flashing lights on his collar, white shoes, and
a large shiny $ pendant. As one woman shouted out "Nice bling, Dan!".

I arrived in time for part of the sound check - Walkin' One and Only,
which must have been for second show as they didn't play it in the
first one.

I didn't write a song list but here's what I remember from the 75-
minute set in no particular order.

Someone Stole My Santa Claus Suit
Daddy Drank Up Christmas
Song for [my] Santa
Canned Music
I Scare Myself
I Feel Like Singing
Hell, I'd Go
I'm an Old Cowhand
Honeysuckle Rose

Those last two I hadn't previously heard live before.

My sister got very exited when she recognized the opening music to
Song for My Father, as it's one of her favorites and she didn't know
that Dan played it. Dan rewrote the lyrics to become Song for Santa.

He introduced the band a couple of times but the audience was so
appreciative, "you're too kind, ladies and gentlemen" that I didn't
catch a single name. I may have seen the guitar and bass players
before, but not the violinist or the Lickettes. Both Lickette's
solo'd on Cowhand and had beautiful voices. My only wish was that
they had turned up Dan's mic just a touch. We missed a lot of
comments and even some lyrics. But it was still a great show, and my
sister and I wouldn't mind trying to catch the late show on Thursday.

Happy Holidaze!


From: Barb
Date sent: Fri, 23 Dec 2005
Subject: Oops, I did it again

My sister and I again graced the audience at the late show last night
at the Triple Door. They played for about an hour and a half, maybe a
bit more. I understand the 7:00pm show was standing room only but the
9:30pm show looked perhaps two-thirds full. We Seattle people just
don't know how to stay out past 9:00pm despite all the coffee. Our
seats were great - close and center.

I caught a few names this time around...The Lickette's were Daria and
Roberta, who each sang jazzy solos in the set, guitarist was Dave Bell,
still didn't catch the bass player, and the violinist was introduced as
Gary Locke which got a laugh (former governor of WA) but I didn't get
his real name.

Dan brought a special guest out of the audience to sing. Her name was
Betsy Holt, whom I found referred to in a Google search as "Olympia's
own acoustic Blues Mama". She sang Reelin' Down and the audience was
most appreciative. And since it's quite possibly my favorite Hicks
tune, made me very happy.

I hope everyone has a happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and/or



From: Larry Wilson
Subject: The Triple Door in Seattle on December 22 2005
Date sent: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 14

The dinner show at the Triple Door in Seattle on December 22nd 2005 was not
what I had hoped for. I am very pleased that Dan Hicks is still around and
playing, and even though I left underwhelmed by the group's performance, I
would do it all over again. I guess all musicians have their good nights and
their bad. After seeing him at Jazz Alley in August of "04, (see my concert
review) I was really expecting more.

In my opinion, I believe Dan was either tired, or saving himself for another
night. I also thought the Lickettes would have been more appropriately named
the Suckettes with their lack luster rendition of "I'm an Ol' Cowhand." "I
Scare Myself", and "Canned Music" although good tunes and probably the most
requested, I find lacking in the enthusiam of many, if not most of his other
works. I can't help feeling disappointed when I think of all of the other
tunes he could have played but didn't. There was nothing from his "Beatin'
the Heat" CD. Don't know why.

I got my money's worth I guess, but I would have paid much more for a better

You still make me smile and give me happy feet Dan and I look forward to
seeing you perform the next time you come to Seattle. Just hoping for better
next time.

Thanks anyway,

Larry Wilson
Covington, WA