From: Mike Dinnegan
Date sent: Thurs, 16 Jan 2003
Subject: The Turning Point Report

The Turning Point
Piermont, New York
Monday January 13, 2003

The Turning Point is an old two-story woodframe building with the main bar
and restaurant upstairs and a Cafe (with a small bar) downstairs. The
restaurant is closed on Mondays! Fortunately the Cafe is where the live
music happens. I walked into the Cafe at about 6:10, and saw Dan and the
band on the stand rehearsing something. What a wonderful rush. I didn't
know the song -- it's one that he hasn't recorded, but there was something
familiar about it. I would find out later that it was "That's Just the
Smoke They're Blowin'". It's the song I was hoping for! I had only heard
it once in my life, and that was here at the Turning Point in '98. On
this night I got to hear it three times!

Soon the rehearsal stopped and the sorta old guy in charge of the place
(John) was standing in front of the stage saying things to the staff
(setting the tables) like "OK, and you'll have everyone seated quickly and
then Dan will take the stage at 7:30, that's 7:30 sharp..." and Dan,
still standing on the stage in front of the full group said "You're RIGHT
John, that's right, you're RIGHT" with a respectful sincerity that might
have been real.

The band left the stage and went through a door that led upstairs to the
closed restaurant and their dressing room. I was the only one in the Cafe
and I looked at the scene. It was still the same small place as in '98
when I saw Dan and the Acoustic Warriors. The postage-stamp sized stage
is in the room's left corner against the back wall. There are three long
tables, each ending at the front of the stage. So there are six seats at
the front of the stage -- the two at the end of each table. I figured
about 18 seats at each long table. The rest of the room had smaller round
and square tables. The right side of the room has a small square bar with
seats along three sides (12, I think). With its low ceiling, the Cafe has
a real cozy feeling, and especially warm on this cold winter night, right
alongside the Hudson River.

I grabbed a seat up front while folks started coming in. The room
eventually filled up -- I think there were about 80 people (even though
there was a big sign to the right of the stage with the number 69 written
in to identify when a fire hazard might develop). At about 7:15 David
Bell came out to tune up Dan's Gretsch.

At 7:30 sharp Dan came out and took the stage, followed by Paul Smith,
Brian Godcheaux, and Dave. They started playing "Lady Be Good" with Brian
picking the tune on his violin. After a few bars Dan explained that this
was "A Study in Pickin'" and it was a free tune because the show had not
started yet. He then wondered aloud about where the Lickettes were --
they knew the show started at 7:30 sharp. They soon appeared, and real
good lookin' of course. It was Susan Rabin and Robin Seyler (as in
<sigh>ler), resplendent in scintillating slut-wear (thanks Wendy).

Here's the set from the early show:

1. Canned Music
2. Hell I'd Go (at first he said they'd do "Piermont on my Mind")
3. Cowboy's Dream #19
4. Evenin' Breeze
5. That's Just theSmoke They're Blowin' (Dan said this would be on a new
album, due out in the Spring) 6. Bar Stool Boogie 7. I Scare Myself 8.
Along Comes a Viper 9. Blues for Dixie (Dan credited the Hillbilly Jazz
album for this tune) 10. I'll See You in My Dreams (strictly instrumental,
and real sweet pickin's) 11. Reelin' Down (with Sue on ukele!)

Thunderous applause as the band bowed and left the stage, one at a time,
behind Dan. Our appreciation got louder, and Dan and the band came back
out and retook the stage. Dan said he had to "check with his people"
while backstage and they had told him it would be OK to play an extra song
or two. For an encore they did:

12. The Buzzard Was Their Friend (Brian and Dave played the "Lester Leaps
In" and some Benny Goodman riffs) 13. Exactly Like You (Dan sans guitar
playing a single small bongo with a brush, then a great dance with the

The late show started a little after 9:30 and it was also fabulous:

1. Milk Shakin' Mama
2. Strike it While It's Hot
3. Chatanooga Shoe Shine Boy (with licks from Duke's "Things Ain't What
They Used to Be")
4. Payday Blues (with Robin on 2nd fiddle)
5. By Hook or
By Crook (super great -- fantastic playing)
6. That's Just the Smoke They're Blowin'
7. How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away
8. I Scare Myself
9. Blues for Dixie
10. I Feel Like Singin' (a wonderful scat-fest)
11. Peach Pickin' Time in Georgia (with Sue on uke again -- really nice)
12. Exactly Like You (even more entertaining than in the first set!)

And for an encore:

13. Four or Five Times

The audience loved it, and everyone was glowing at the end. It was a
great night for music!