From: Steve Potter
Subject: Show report
Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 08:12:45 -0400

May 22, 2001, Union College, Schenectady, NY

Dan and the Hot Licks appeared with Engligh classical guitarist, Adrian Legg. It looked as if the majority of the small crowd was there for Mr. Legg. He was excellent, however, the music lends itself to being real quiet. It took place in a chapel and felt like I was in church!! SSSHHHH!!! When it was time for DH&THL , things went south in a hurry. The monitors were not working or were not working correctly and Dan was not amused. They opened with , "Canned Music", and then played 2 or 3 more songs before Dan spoke. I have a set list, but they strayed a bit from it, adding :. I feel like Singing", and a medley--Caravan/Four Brothers. Several folks left in the middle of the show, which upset Dan. He shouted," Did you pay to get in" and "Where are you going"? I felt uneasy. As usual, a few patrons shouted out requests which irked Dan. He did comply, however. He made a reference to some of the "out of the way" spots he's playing on this leg of the tour and indicated, " That, we're not proud of it, Ladies and Gentlemen"! As a fan, I enjoyed the show. The band was great, The Lickettes were fantastic!! I just felt like Dan was not enjoying himself and I think it showed. The promoters handed out a nice card advertising the show which I will scan and try to put out on the hixlist. I have a feeling that I won't see Dan around these parts for a while. I hope its not another 20 years.