COMBINED REPORTS - The Van Dyck, Schenectady NY, March 10 2001
From: Steve Potter
Subject: Shows on 3/7 in Schenectady NY

Dan and the band played two sold out shows at the Van Dyck music club in Schenectady New York on Saturday, March 10th. They did not dissapoint the mostly long time fans! Both shows lasted about 90 minutes and although I can't repeat the song list, it was a great mix of old Hot Licks tunes as well as songs from the new cd and Acoustic Warriors live album. The world would be a much better place if more people listened to Dan Hicks. Dan is still the hippest dude I know!! Its a shame that his stuff is not heard on commercial radio. I was a little bummed out because I wanted to hear more stuff from Last Train to Hicksville, but everything was great!! The new Lickettes are pretty cool, but they pretty much just sing back up. How can you replace Naomi and Mary Ann ? Do yourselves and the band a favor and go see Dan when they are in your neck of the woods. You'll feel better about the world.

From: Peg Lynch
Subject: Review of Dan's 3/10 Van Dyck show

Hello. The 9:30 show at the Van Dyck was all that and more. I was fortunate to be sitting front and center ( I was able to reach over and take Dan's written set list & cheat sheet on "Comes Love", post-show of course, without having to leave my seat.) My cheeks were sore from laughing, and my shoulders and neck from chair dancin', next morning. I am dee-lighted to be doin' it doin' it doin' it doin' it doin' it again come April 26th.

yrs trly,
~Peg Lynch~

From: Greg Brandow
Subject: Review of Dan's 3/10 Van Dyck show

Hey Shorty: Just have to share my "I met Dan" story from his March 11 show at the Club Van Dyck in Schenectady, NY. Dan must be the hardest working guy in show business. OK, maybe he's not. But at the Van Dyck he played two shows. The first at 7 and the second at 9:30. Our party arrived for the early show and we were escorted to table 97, which just happened to be at the foot of the stage. Put it this way, we were close enough for Dan to respond to our wispered comments during the show. At one point, as Dan introduced a particularly corny western tune, he responded to our question, "Is there a dog involved?" "No dog," he assured us.

Anyway, Dan and company (who are those new Lickettes anyway?) rolled though an hour and a half of mostly classic material, including Canned Music, The Buzzard was Their Friend, How Can I Miss You If You Won't Go Away, I Scare Myself, Long Coma Viper, and others. Surprisingly, he was light on tunes from the new album, playing only Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy and Capo.

Still, Dan and the band seemed really up for the show. And the crowd responded in kind. At one point, Dan broke into a hilarious mock guiter solo, spinning it around backward to play where there is only wood, while blocking the audience's view of Tom Mitchell, who was actually doing the playing behind Dan.

The Lickettes were a treat, featuring snake-skin tights and shamlessly promoting the new CD by chanting "Beat, Beat, Beating the Heat" on Dan's cue.

To top it off, Dan gractiously signed the CD for me in the lobby following the show.

I've spent three times as much money on shows, and not had nearly this much fun.

Thanks Dan. Thanks Lickettes. See you in Pawling.

Glen Brandow
Hopewell Junction, NY