From: Eric Taylor
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 210207 -0500 (EST)
Subject: [hix] Village Underground

I went to the early show, which filled up nicely with a crowd of fans old and new.. The club's in a basement that apparently was Gerdes originally.  Dan talked about it but seemed a bit unclear if we were exactly in the same place where Dylan and all had cut their teeth. Anyway, it's a nice place to see someone like Dan,,,,and as a new club it's a nice addition to the NY scene.

Clad in a dark blue shirt with white poka-dots, Dan seemed in good spirits. The set list/arrangements weren't too different than the Bowery Ballroom show. But the place was so much smaller you could hear the music clearer.....a real treat because the band is playing tighter....having toured for awhile now.

Here's a set list (with a few songs missing at the end.):
Canned Music
My Cello
Capo on my Brain
Where's the $$
--Introduced the band
Somebody Tell me the Truth
Caravan (hot instrumental)
Chatanogga Shoe Shine Boy
I Scare Myself
How Can I Miss Ya?
Strike it While it's Hot
--snare drum
I Don't Need Love
--a few more tunes

encore was gonna be Milkshake.... But changed his mind for:

All in all a good first set. The fellow sitting next to us, Frank, was a 70-year-old jazz guitarist who loves Django. This was the first time he'd heard Dan. Afterwards he proclaimed "They can do "Hot Licks."

Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for the second set. Any one else there who wants to pick up the thread?

Eric Taylor