The Most of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks

This CD is a collection of some of Dan's early material with the Hot Licks, including previously unreleased renditions of songs which appear on later albums. Some of the tunes appeared on 1969's "Original Recordings" album. Other songs were recorded in 1970 for an unreleased Epic album produced by Pete Welding, just before the Hot Licks' move to Blue Thumb.

Dan Hicks
vocal, rhythm guitar, harmonica, drums
Jon Weber
lead guitar
Sid Page
Jaime Leopold
bull fiddle
Terry Wilson -
Tina Gancher
vocal, celeste, piano
Nicolee Dukes -
Maryann Price -
Sherry Snow -

The Tunes
How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?
Waiting for the "103"
I Scare Myself
Evenin' Breeze
Canned Music
Milk Shakin' Mama
Slow Movin'
Shorty Takes a Dive
The Jukies' Ball
Payday Blues
You Gotta Believe
My Old Timey Baby
Living With a Lie
He Don't Care

By Hook or By Crook
News From Up the Street